Meeting Troy


The first day I entered my studio(It’s in a Basement.. How cool is that!)  I was in love with space, the environment, and the whole setting. All my colleagues are friendly people who are like family to me. But the best part about my studio is Troy, the Doberman.

In my initial days I didn’t know who Troy was..(“Are they talking about a human? A guy? Who is he?”)

I never really understood whom they were all talking about with such enthusiasm until one day my mentor Aditya (or A/C as we know him; he’s the Creative Director) asked me directly, “Hey, you haven’t met Troy yet, have you?” I said, “”. He said, “You’ve got to meet him, he’s the Doberman!”

Later, I also learned that my HR Manager, Komil (or ‘Mokil’ as we know her), lives right above the studio; and that Troy is her dog.

On the last working day of 2017 we had a little celebration, and finally, the moment to meet Troy presented itself.

I went upstairs and entered the Doberman’s land. I was a bit terrified by the size of him. I’ve never been close to such a huge Doberman, or any Doberman for that matter. Considering the kind of reputation the Doberman has gained – as a ferocious guard dog – it’s hard to imagine being so close to one.

Yet here I was standing right in front of this huge Doberman trying to stay calm. He started scanning and sniffing me. I bet he could smell my fear; even before I had entered the house. He would’ve smelled the stench of my own dogs, too.

I blurted out in terror “He’s not going to he?” Mokil laughed and said, “No, of course, not..he’s a sweetheart!”

The moment he looked up to me, with those beautiful gleaming eyes, I knew I was in love. I spent almost half an hour petting him and talking to Mokil; about our past experiences with dogs.

By the end, all my fear for a Doberman was gone. All I wanted to do was pet him more.

Troy really is a sweetheart.

Troy – the little big guy (photo courtesy – Facebook)

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